"I just read your book in its entirety today. I could not put it down. All I can say is...Wow! You are such an amazing and strong woman and I admire you so very much. Thank you for writing this very difficult book."  - Adrienne Stephany

"Truly inspiring!"

- Daniel Thompson

Some people are tested more than others. Some are lucky enough to learn the toughest lessons and manage to survive. Others aren't so lucky. Domestic violence, verbal and emotional abuse, rape, bullying and death. This is one woman's journey and how she makes it through to become a survivor.

My Life, Victim No More! ​

​​Robin Y. Coté 

Author & Motivational Speaker

"Her honesty and down to earth writing style made it feel like she was explaining the whole story to me in person. I appreciate her strength in coming through such times and applaud her for wanting to help others in similar difficult situations by telling her story. "

- Diane Dresback, Author

The Ugly Truth Exposed

"A very powerful and brutally honest story." - Tracy Bridges

"If you feel helpless in any part of your life, this book will show you that you can overcome any bully that you encounter. It is not an easy read going through the

horrors of someone's life but that is not the point of this book. The point of this book is to show you that YOU can SURVIVE! I highly suggest you read this

if you or anyone you know feels like they are trapped or cannot overcome a bully."

​- Scott Haskin, Composer, Author

​​"The brightest of lights are often born from the darkest shadows."

- Troy Barnes, Author