“Robin has the ability to relocate your mind and

plant you in the middle of the story. I felt as if I were a

fly on the wall, walking this journey with her. To say she

is strong is an understatement and by publishing these journeys to share with us makes her the bravest of all. Any skepticism about mediums or psychics has been erased.

She is truly gifted. A remarkable read, with a powerful message of connection and proof that ‘love really does transcend.’” 

- Chris Martin, Author and Host of HATERSMAKEMEFAMOUS

“I couldn’t put it down, a real page turner.
I strongly encourage anyone who has lost a loved one to read this often humorous, spiritually uplifting story of a widow’s soul-searching pilgrimage into the afterlife. A love story, a ghost story, an

investigative story, a story like no other.”
- Darren Burch, Ret. Police Sgt,
Author and Host of Badge Boys

​​Robin Y. Coté 

Author, Speaker & Transformational Coach

​Soul Stirrings

Victim No More! ​

"The brightest of lights are born from            the darkest of shadows." 

           - Troy Barnes, Author

"Her honesty and down to earth writing style made it feel like she was explaining the whole story to me in person. I appreciate her strength in coming through such times and applaud her for wanting to help others in similar difficult situations by telling her story. "

- Diane Dresback, Author

"This is a must read for anyone that has experienced domestic abuse! This book is cutthroat honest! This author is very brave for sharing her story despite what it may have caused her to feel putting it on paper.
Kudos to Robin for putting her story out there to not only help herself heal, but also to help others." 

                                - Audra Weeks