Photo by Byron Medina

Robin Y Cotè: Mother, Author, and Survivor


"I'm here to live, love, learn and teach."

​​​Robin Y. Coté

Almost as far back as Robin can recall, she aspired to be an esteemed author. Having to survive staggering loss throughout her life; Becoming a widow, and losing her young daughter, she taught herself how to heal in spite of life’s sometimes-ugly dealings. Robin is a survivor, not only of loss but also, of domestic violence, verbal and emotional abuse, rape, and bullying and has become an outspoken advocate for victims.​

"Don't live your life for the approval of others. Live your life to the fullest extent of your potential."

​​"February 19th, 2018 marks 17   years since the love of my life lost his battle with cancer. He was only 35 years old. This dreaded disease can hit any one of us at any age. We are not invincible. Take the time to appreciate those in your life. Remind them how important they are to you. Don't take them for granted because you never know how much time any of us have."

​​Robin Y. Coté 

Author, Speaker & Radio Personality

​Through all she has endured, “VICTIM” will never be a word used to describe Robin. As a muscle car enthusiast, radio and show business personality, author, and motivational speaker with a no-nonsense attitude, Robin’s story, “Victim No More!” is her personal journey through the morass of abuse and loss, ultimately revealing her own self-worth, preservation, and accountability. Her message, “It’s up to you to have a better life”, rings true not only in the pages of her book but also in her daily life. She is a living kidney donor, a loving mom, an award-winning writer, and honored member of the Arizona independent film community. Robin’s smile is contagious, and her ability to inject hard truth into any situation is her CALLING CARD!